Saturday, March 24, 2012

Five Hundred Dollar Mulch - Good News Bad News
Bad news first….we lost a Bradford Pear tree on Monday.  They are a beautiful tree covered with blossoms in the spring and blazing with color in the fall. Unfortunately, they are not very strong and most of the neighbors have lost at least one since the builder planted them in our subdivision.  I understand that some areas of the country are banning them altogether because they send out runners and grow to quickly smother out the native trees. I don’t know where they came from originally.  Ours was carted off and the stump was ground to a pile of sawdust.

A little pile of mulch - all that's left of my tree.
That's a squashed lilac and forsythia in the background. It looks sad, but I'm sure they will survive and my fence was unharmed (good news).  More good news is I now have an even better sunny area in which to plant my vegetable garden. Remember Barbara Pleasant’s book from an earlier post? I’ve been drooling over her easy organic garden plans for weeks. I purchased some rabbit fencing (I'm bound and determined not to feed those rascally rabbits) and some blocks to surround my garden and further deter the bunnies. 
The Rock Star helped me fence in a 12 foot square area today and tomorrow I will purchase 8 more blocks to finish the square and my bags of soil and veggie seeds. We’ve had such a warm spring, I can’t imagine having cold enough weather to harm seedlings but most people in this area say wait until after Mother’s Day to plant. Guess I’ll purchase my seeds and wait on my seedlings - maybe. I'M SO EXCITED I can barely stand it! Don’t you love the way dirt smells?  Now I'm off to listen to The Rock Star play bass with his band. That's me - gardener by day, groupie by night ;<)


  1. The Bradford Pears are so beautiful however there are always many lost in the Kansas City storms here! Perfect spot for you garden though.

    Art by Karena
    Artists Series 2012

  2. your garden is gonna be super! perfect sunny spot, too. thanks, bradford pear!

    happy weekend.