Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little Patches of Love

Three years ago my daughter, Sterling Marie,  lived in Australia.  She came to visit that fall and planted these beautiful daffodil bulbs sprinkled throughout the gardens. She said they were little patches of love so that I would think of her each spring. The next year when I just knew spring was NEVER going to come and I was in a gloomy too darned much winter mood,  up popped these cheerful blossoms and changed my entire attitude for weeks. Sterling Marie is living in Chicago now – but this special memory returns every year.  I’m sure you have a little patch of love to share…please do!


  1. Little patches of love! Perfect thought for these early spring flowers! Hugs, Linda

  2. I love this sentiment! We have clumps of peonies that once belonged to my husband's grandfather, and I think of these as our own patches of love. Gardens carry such indelible memories.

  3. Oh yes, the daffodils are so happy to be around. We lived in Oregon for 9 mo. and I had them all over .
    I miss those happy yellow faces every spring!