Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIY Chalk Paint Update

Shabby Chic Magazine Rack

The Wing It method is definitely a learning experience! Here is what I learned with my magazine rack project:  your surface should be fairly smooth to start out with; and your paint texture should be slightly thicker than heavy cream - thick and creamy, but thin enough to drip off the brush, not spatula thick like mine was. You may need to add water as you paint because chalk paint dries quickly. Mine thickened in the jar as I painted.

sanded the lumps and chunks off my first coat and then applied a second, thinner coat. The second coat filled in some of the rough patches and gave me a smoother finish in spite of the rough start. Then I went about distressing. Thank goodness nature isn’t as rough with us during the aging process!

I applied a thin coat of Johnson paste wax which went on very easily with a small piece of terrycloth. It dried for about 15 minutes before I buffed it with a soft flannel cloth. I paid a total of $27.44 for enough paint, plaster and wax to do several more, larger, projects.  

I’m happy with the results and, now that I have learned by doing (and hopefully made all the possible mistakes), I think the process will be much easier next time.  I intend to try ASCP someday soon. I love Annie Sloan’s colors and the results the ladies in the blog world get with her paint are fabulous, but for now, I’m going the thriftier route. I may kick myself when I finally do use ASCP – I’ll let you know.

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