Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Chalk Paint - The Wing It Method

Phase I - bumpy project
Not having a clue what I'm doing has never stopped me from trying new things. It only took a little encouragement, which I got from my last post, to jump into the world of chalk paint with both feet - all the way up to the elbows. I'm thrilled to share my process with my readers:
Step #1 - Google search for instructions OR use my favorite method - the Wing It.
DIY  Chalk Paint
I am cheap thrifty, and since I would have had to wait until Saturday to get to my Annie Sloan chalk paint stockist miles away, I decided to try the highly touted DIY recipe at, which is 1-1/2 cups latex paint (Valspar antique white), 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup plaster of paris. I mixed it up in a big plastic mayo jar. Actually, Hellman's might have been a good consistency to shoot for. My peanut butter chalk paint was maybe a teensy tiny bit too thick. The Wing It method is full of surprises.

My magazine rack has a character that makes me think it may have been a high school shop project that did not get an A+. It boasts a crackledrip finish and lots of extra nooks, cracks and crannies where the piecesparts don't exactly match up.  The peanut butter chalk paint dried very quickly in spite of the thickness and went on with one coat (applied 3 at a time with each brush stroke).

This morning I surveyed my work in the light of day. I think it is a fine looking chalk adobe painted magazine rack!
Step #2 - find instructions for - I'll Wing It! 


  1. Good job Linda! I quite like it--it reminds me of pieces kicking around my Mum's house that have been handed down through the generations, each one adding a few layers of paint (mostly without removing any of the layers underneath!), so that the whole piece has a rather thick, rounded, comfortable feel to it.

    Good luck with the sanding!

    1. Thank you Leisa! I think the results will be a surprise - even to me. :>)