Monday, May 14, 2012

An Easy Care Curbside Mailbox Garden

I love any excuse to go to French Hollow and walk in the woods. This is the view on the way to the creek. You can hear the water gently moving just on the other side of the tree on the right.
On the way to the creek
My poor mail carrier (and the neighbors) had been subjected to my weedy sad mailbox garden long enough! There was virtually no soil around the post so my pinks were trying to grow on cement.
Mailbox Before the Makeover
So, off to the creek at French Hollow for some nice flat rocks to make an enclosure to hold good potting soil.
The Creek at French Hollow
I chose dwarf coreopsis because they bloom all season and can withstand the heat of the pavement and all day sun.  
Dwarf Coreopsis
I moved the pinks into the front garden near the Stella de Oro daylilies where they will show off their  lovely cool green leaves when their blooms are spent. Right now there are about two blooms left to open.

The Last of the Blossoms
I’m especially pleased to have a little bit of French Hollow Farm right here in my suburban yard. I hope the sunny blossoms and smooth creek rocks give the postal carrier a little smile too.
Creek Rocks and Newly Planted Coreopsis
In just a few days these will be covered with yellow blooms (and the grass won't be all mashed down). Thanks for letting me share my tiny garden. I promise to show you an update as it progresses - I just couldn't wait to share.


  1. I didn't know there was dwarf coreopsis! Good news! I bet the mail carrier will love your new mailbox garden.

  2. What a lovely path to your creek! Doesn't it feel good to finish those little projects that make your yard look prettier? Your coreopsis will be the perfect plant for flowers all summer long.