Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nature Always Bats Last

Stella de Oro Lily
If left on her own, Mother Nature will fill a space with something green in no time. Mostly these are not the kind of green things we would choose to look at when walking up the front path or sitting on our porch.

Welcome to My Home
After selling jewelry at the farmers market every Saturday from April through October for several years, my gardens suffered much neglect.  I was blessed to have the market as a venue for my jewelry, but between my full time office job, the hour and a half commute, making jewelry, packing and unpacking my tent and display, and the time I spent actually at the market,  it left me very little time for my yard.

French Hollow Cottage Style Garden
Rock Star is not a gardener. He refers to it as “yard work” while I think of it as a relaxing wonderful way to spend time with nature. He takes care of mowing and edging, but flower beds are my baby. It took no time at all for the weeds and invasive perennials to completely take over. Opting out of the market has not only allowed me to expand my Etsy business into vintage and home d├ęcor items, which I have always loved, but I now have time for my gardens.  

Cool Green Ferns
I spend a half hour or so before work weeding, planting or deadheading. I tackle bigger garden projects on Saturday and still have plenty of weekend and evening time left for vintage shopping and crafting.  I still love making jewelry but I’m under no pressure to produce enough pieces to fill a 10’ x 10’ booth space every week.

Shady Front Garden

I can even enjoy the sweet pleasure of sitting by the shade garden with a glass of iced tea and listening to the birds chirp. Now that’s something the Rock Star likes about gardening!

 Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have time to enjoy a little piece of nature today!

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