Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinwheels and Rattlesnakes

Rubber Rattler
Now I'm the strange lady with pinwheels in her garden. I always used to wonder who on earth would want to "decorate" their veggie garden with pinwheels and now it's me. I managed to keep out all but the tiniest of the Rascally Rabbits (yes, they are still squeezing in - but they don't eat as much as mom rabbit does). Now I'm having trouble with robins and turtle doves. They wander in (can birds wander?) and with one dainty nibble, SNAP! there goes a seedling.

Pinwheels in the Garden
Do you have this much trouble getting along with nature? Hopefully, the twirling sparklers and scarry snakes will help - I'll let you know.


  1. Pinwheels in the garden seem like a GREAT idea. I hope you keep us posted if it does the trick keeping those pesky wabbits, birds, etc. at-bay.

  2. Hope your idea works. I must admit before reading your post I thought that was an actual real snake (yikes!). Good luck on keeping the critters at bay.


  3. Hi Linda,
    I am enjoying reading your posts...and found this one. I am curious, did the pinwheels work? I hope to have a garden someday, and want to know how to "armor" myself. And the snake? Did that work?

    Thanks for sharing, love your posts!

    Elizabeth :-)

    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      I'm thinking its working. I actually have some beautiful cucumber, zucchini and watermelon vines, along with some fabulous herbs I've been using in a few new and WONDERFUL recipes. I plan on sharing just as soon as I finish some special order fairy doors for my Etsy shop! Man, does that 8 to 5 office job ever cut into my blogging and crafting time :>)