Sunday, June 24, 2012

Uphill In Both Directions

Rock Star and I spent three days in Grafton, Illinois for a business-mixed-with-pleasure trip. We stayed at the beautiful Aeries Winery high on the river bluffs of the Mississippi. The photos taken for their website at must have been taken in winter. Our view from the balcony was this beautiful pool and breathtaking scenery looking over the trees at the river.

I took a walk early in the morning and found the woods surrounding our condo to be a soothing respite from the already hot temperatures of the Midwest summer.

A two lane path beckoned and birds chirped a cheery morning tune. I couldn’t seem to manage to get a photo of anything more mobile than a tree, so I’m sharing the path, the trees and plants along the way.
The Path
Nature's Textures
How can anything so lovely be called a weed?
I found a big patch of wild berries which the birds were kind enough to share. Yum!
Berry Patch
Sweet Red Berries
Next time I’m going to zipline through the woods and I promise I’ll take more photos. The entire three days I kept thinking “I should share this with my blogger friends” but most often I forgot to take my camera or, sillier yet, I never took it out of my bag. Not quite a professional yet, am I?

Well, if you live nearby do take a look at Aeries’ website and you will see why I highly recommend a stay there when you need to get away from it all for a mini vacation only minutes from St. Louis. It is lovely and the staff could not be nicer. Be prepared to walk uphill – a lot…

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What the Hail ?

Two Inch Deep Hail
I would like to know just what I did to tick off Mother Nature. My mailbox garden has been chewed to the ground by something, I don’t know what. And now this. A vicious and lengthy hail storm hit my neighborhood while I was at work twenty-six miles away. My shade garden is a shambles and most of my green tomatoes were knocked off the plants and strewn about the ground. I think I need a hug…