Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

Handcrafted Pincushions
I recently read that you aren’t supposed to apologize for a lack of posts, but I feel the need to do so anyway – I’m so very grateful for my readers and I hoped when I started my little blog to post something mildly interesting at least weekly. All the lovely ladies whose blogs I read post almost daily and make it seem so easy.  Props to all of you who entertain, educate and/or just make me feel like I have a room full of friends!  

Today I’m sharing my excuses – only the best ones of course. First, I did my public debut of French Hollow at a lovely charity shopping bazaar. It was held at a Church in Lake St. Louis near my house and was to benefit Oasis Food Bank. It was their first and was not as well attended as they had hoped but I met some wonderful ladies and got lots of compliments on my new booth and holiday items. I also found out that the Square works REALLY well for accepting credit cards. I highly recommend it.


I’ve also been working on some requests for custom items like these pincushions for a beautiful lady I know who is giving them as stocking stuffers. She was sweet enough to trust me with a cup and saucer that was a family heirloom. It’s the gray one pictured. I attempted to duplicate  the saucer pattern for the cushion. I hope she likes it!

 Thanks so much for stopping by and for your support – even when I don’t deserve it!



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  1. Your pincushions are adorable! You don't need to apologize for not posting often. I follow a few bloggers who only post a few times a year. Whatever works for you is best. It's all about having a creative outlet and having fun!