Saturday, February 16, 2013

Decorating - Over the Cabinets, Not Over the Top

I know your honors, I’m completely out of order (weak attempt at courtroom humor), but even though I'm not done painting the kitchen yet, I REALLY wanted to decorate. So, instead of a TA DA complete reveal, I’m showing you how I avoid more painting.  First, I Googled lots of images for over the cabinet decorating ideas and totally confused myself. 

Too much and it looks like the Tchotchke Fairy threw up in your kitchen.

A Bit Too Much?
Nice  Stuff, But Still A Bit Too Much Stuff

Too little and it looks a bit forlorn.
 A Bit Too Sparce
There was the “don’t do anything at all” school of thought, but that would have been too easy. I’ve never been known to do anything the easy way - ask the Rock Star after he has moved the sofa for the umpteenth time only to return it to its original space. Well, I guess that was easy for me, just not easy for the Rock Star.

Via Apartment Therapy
I'm hoping I got it just right.

Over the Cabinet Decor - Just Right?
Some say silk plants are a no-no, but mine are easy to clean and I like greenery. The  Rock Star reminded me that we are WAAY farther away than 19km from Paris AND it's not west of us. (He's just being difficult because of the sofa incident). I may need to replace my little Paris sign with a larger sign. I have these in my Etsy shop, but my EAT signs are larger and would certainly work in this space. The tureen was made by my mother-in-law in ceramics class. She is the sweetest lady in the world. 

Which Way to Paris?
 I just love Guy Buffet's waiters. Mr. Buffet was commissioned to do the floral pattern on the Perrier Jouet champagne bottles. I have a collection of the champagne glasses and an ice bucket, but you will note I did not add them to my above cabinet space. I have no idea what you call the wire thingy, but it was too small in my garden, so I repurposed it here.

Guy Buffet - Perrier Jouet Bottle
More silk no-nos, again easy clean and terrific space fillers. I'm looking for artificial herbs to replace the jade plants for a more kitchen theme, but for now...

Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor

Well, my blogger friends, thanks for coming this far with me. I appreciate constructive criticism and advice - especially if it keeps me from returning to painting. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trying a New Venue

I Am What I Am - St. Charles MO
I've just taken some of my French logo shabby chic trays, birdhouses and wine stoppers to this charming little shop in old St. Charles, about 10 miles from my house, on consignment. I've not tried consignment before. I recently had some items in a craft boutique and suffered dismal failure. The shop was lovely and the ladies who owned it were charming. Unfortunately, it was not the right venue for handcrafted. There were lots of resale items and home party companies, but not much handcrafted. It was also on the outskirts of a large suburban area not close to any other retail. I sold one item in three months. Heartbreaking.

Yay!! Local Handmade Boutique!
This darling shop is full of handmade items and located in the center of a whole street full of charming shops, boutiques and restaurants. You really should visit St. Charles, Missouri if you're ever in the area. The owner is lovely and has her own successful Etsy shop at, so she is all about handmade and hand decorated. Fingers crossed, we will have a wonderfully successful relationship. Have you ever tried consignment sales?