Tuesday, April 30, 2013


These beautiful spring blooms are absolutely my favorite part of the  season. This wisteria covers a large part of the garage wall of my house. It's much nicer to see when I drive up than miles of vinyl siding.

Garden Path in Progress

And there is, of course, the work portion of our programming.  I'm putting rocks around my patio because they're so much more interesting than more cement would be and my patio is postage stamp size. The vegetable garden is in progress too - more photos soon. This year I think I have a good method for keeping the robins and turtledoves from munching my veggie sprouts. I'll keep you posted.
Blessings, Linda

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blogging - A World Wide Coffee Klatch

Kirby at Kirb Appeal, who I recently discovered and highly recommend reading, has a post that inspired me to think about what it is that gives me the urge to blog.

Jack LaLanne

In the past, when most women were stay at home moms (and dads said things like “no wife of mine will ever have to get a job”), my mama and other ladies in the neighborhood would take turns hosting coffee klatches. They’d drink gallons of coffee out of melamine cups, share recipes and knitting patterns and discuss whether to feed a cold or starve a fever. Sometimes, they even exercised with Jack LaLanne on TV.  I think someone who had tried to sell Amway or Avon every day, or never added anything to the conversation but constant complaining and whining would eventually stop getting invited. 

Originally, I started blogging because of an article I read at Etsy about using the social media to build your online presence and get attention for your shop. That has not happened for me. Though Facebook, Twitter and blogs may work as advertising tools for some, for me it isn't any fun, it takes too much time, and I don't like reading blogs that are nothing more than billboards for a shop or company anyway, so I sure don't want to write one like that. 
What did happen was that I discovered a world of ladies with whom I have things in common. Ladies who like to make things, cook things, decorate things, photograph things and even sell things. More importantly, I found ladies who want to share all the joys of life with which they are blessed. I thank them all for coming to my little coffee klatch - and for inviting me to theirs.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inappropriate for the Office

S'murtle - Jilly's Cupcake Bar, St. Louis
My co-worker has a gorgeous calendar hanging above her desk. I pass by several times a day just to admire the calendar girls…cupcakes…beautifully decorated, fabulously photographed, yummy cupcakes. Damn them, they are totally inappropriate for the office (like that tart they hired for reception).  So I decided to start a calendar of my own. One much more office appropriate - not so decadent and distracting. I have my quarterly calender girls picked out already:

Spring Salad - pickycook.com
This is the young temptress, Miss Spring, dainty and sweet - sporting delicate baby greens and juicy ripe red strawberries. She’s lightly dressed, yes, but oh so innocent.

Summer Salad - annpurnacaterers.com
Miss Summer follows. Stunning, round, voluptuous melon balls, dark sweet grapes, slices of succulent peaches and a sprinkling of late season strawberries. She is sporting a sprig of mint and looks wonderfully cool sitting in her cantaloupe cup.

Autumn Salad - AskGeorgie.com
Following the fabulously hot Miss Summer, I’ve chosen a bold and sophisticated Miss Autumn. Simple and elegant, shredded purple cabbage decorated with the season’s crispy red apples, she’s dressed in a tangy mustard vinaigrette. It’s just the right amount of coverage for her tantalizing sweet crunchiness.
Winter Salad - wisefitnesstips.com
Finally, the well-seasoned Miss Winter. Preserved beets and sun dried tomatoes snuggle with lettuce, green onion, cucumber and lovely farmer’s cheese. She is sporting a sprinkling of dried herbs from the garden and a smidge of olive oil and red wine vinegar.

See, it IS possible to be tantalizing without being sinful. I may just have something here…