Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden Update - Success!

Garden With Rabbit Protection
As you may know, last year I had rascally rabbit problems. I fenced out the big ones, but the babies squeezed in and had a feast. This year I got smart and put some fencing on the OUTSIDE of my cinder blocks. This garden is only 12' x 12', so the blocks weren't a huge expense. They were actually less expensive than redwood or cedar boards and I didn't want to use anything treated in an edible garden. There are tomatoes, peppers and parsley on the right. That's asparagus in front. It will remain there forever (if it survives) as it is a perennial  Of course, we won't be eating any asparagus this year, but these plants are a couple years old, so next year we should have at least a few sprouts. I'm finding that when it comes to gardening, patience is most certainly a virtue. It's one that I am slowly learning.

Strawberries in the Garden
On the left side, I have strawberries, peas, carrots and lettuce. Again, the strawberries will remain and come back next year. My pinwheels are back. They will keep the birds away. Do I sound very sure of that? Good, I wouldn't want anyone to know I have doubts...

Bean Poles
The center section of the garden has both pole beans and bush beans with some corn for good measure. I found out you only get 1 to 3 ears per cornstalk, so I didn't use up too much of my garden for corn. Mr. Angel at French Hollow grows FIELDS of corn and it is so sweet you'd almost give up chocolate - almost. So we will buy angelic corn if we don't have enough.

Cannas in Container
My rock patio is coming along nicely. I can't decide whether to fill in with mulch or some lovely creeping thyme. Depends on the budget I think. The cannas should do very well in this large pot. They have gorgeous red blooms that attract hummingbirds like crazy. That is my lily pond on the left. It needs another coat of terracotta paint. It is a small galvanized trough. When I first put it in the yard and painted it, one of my neighbors asked me where I got such a big flowerpot!

Water Lilies Beginning to Grow
 My water lilies have already begun to come up. I will add a few more water plants later in the season.

Fish Pond Spitter
This little guy is attached to my filter. He was black iron when I bought him (black...really?). I wish I had a before photo but my fish was BB (before blog). I gave him a nice bronze patina like the statues in the park.

And there you have it!  I have to tell you, this garden has been a blessing. I got laid off from my job last week and without the garden to sooth my soul, well, I don't want to think about it. The good news is I found another job right away and this one has gardener's hours! I go in late enough that I have time to garden before the day gets too hot and I go home early enough to have time to read my favorite blogs or shop at the garden center! Thanks for stopping by. How does your garden tell!


  1. I love gardening:)) I have downsized things now but I just can't wait to start my tomatoes and bring new life to my herbs every spring:)))
    Thank you for your sweet visit and I am returning the visit and the follow (via GFC:))


    PS If you haven't already, we would love to have you join Lets Get Social Sunday:)))

    1. Thank you Evelyn! I would love to join Lets Get Social Sunday. Hopefully, I will figure out how before NEXT Sunday! LOL

  2. I'm catching up on blogs this morning and was surprised to read that you were laid off from your job. I'm so glad you were able to find another so quickly and one with the perfect hours, too! Your gardens are coming along nicely. I hope to someday start a vegetable garden, but for now, I just don't have the time it would require. I'll be happy just to fill my window boxes this year!

    1. With a brand new grandson I'm sure you have lots on your plate! Congratulations and thank you so much for stopping by.