Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Blessings

My Homegrown Vegetables
Phew! We have been kinda busy lately. The new job is going very well, we have finally finished repairing the flower beds that were ruined when the big tree in our front yard blew down and the veggie garden has been very good to us. We’re blessed indeed.

I hope you are showered with blessings too!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Too Pooped to Pop Fireworks - But Never Too Tired to Eat Salad

O'Fallon MO Freedom Fest Flag
I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th.  Our little town has a wonderful Independence Day celebration with a parade, great talent and beautiful fireworks. We also had some pretty miserable weather. We don't have hurricanes like the south, but we have some spectacular tornados and windstorms. Rock Star and I spent much of the last two weekends and most of yesterday removing fallen trees and crushed shrubbery. So last night, when the fireworks started, I was on my way to bed. I missed the big flag.

I missed the fireworks too...
O'Fallon Freedom Fest Fireworks
But we did have dinner with some lovely friends and I found this wonderful patriotic salad at
I changed it a little. I toasted and salted my pecans instead of using candied ones and I used feta cheese instead of coconut - the poppyseed dressing was FABULOUS just as written.

Do you like to tweak recipes? Or do you prefer to stick to the plan?