Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Put Some Sexy in the Kitchen

Isn't she sweet? I've always loved my KitchenAid but now, WOW!
 Thanks to a fun little Etsy shop, Lil Punkin Creations, I was able to pimp my mixer and add a little class to my French inspired black and white kitchen.
Thanks so much Julie M. of Lil Punkin Creations!
P.S. I still haven't found those perfect kitchen curtains...


  1. Well, hello Linda! What a fun idea! It looks like you've been baking bread during the long cold winter. Yum!

  2. Thank you Vickie and Lynda. I've missed blogging and it is so sweet that I just kinda jumped back in after not posting for several months and there you were! Makes me feel blessed.

  3. Hi Linda. I just love how you've blinged out your mixer. I'm also glad you're back.

  4. So cute!

    The kitchen is not my domain - I'm not allowed to bling up anything there.