Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Level of Virginity Doesn't Seem to Matter

Whenever possible, I try to use all natural products on my skin. After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ. It makes no sense to smear it with chemicals.  There are over a dozen commonly used ingredients in eye makeup remover. Most of them are unpronounceable and some of them, if not in minute quantities, are downright dangerous. I’ve tried lots of them, from the stupidly expensive department store brands to the bargain drugstore brands. What I usually ended up with was red, burning, raccoon eyes. Apparently “washes off easily with soap and water” only applies to the lashes themselves. Mascara sticks really well to the skin all around the eyes. I have found the perfect solution. All natural, one ingredient, pure virgin olive oil. I put a small drop on a cotton ball and gently wipe off my eye makeup, including waterproof mascara. Then – voila! My eyes are clean and soft and moisturized. You can even put it in a lovely bottle like this one. Perfect!  


  1. Waterproof mascara is a bugger to remove! Every once in awhile I buy it by mistake and now I know how to get it off! I've switched to olive oil for just about all cooking and salad dressings, so I've always got a fresh bottle in the kitchen. The pretty glass bottle is a good idea.

    I hope you had a good summer, Linda!

    1. Wow. I'm so trying this. I've become allergic to everything I use to cleanse my skin and can only use Simple. Not even stores own brand for sensitive skin. Any tips for the rest of the face or would you use oil for that too?

    2. I have dry skin, so I use apricot kernel oil to moisturize my face. I like Kirk's or Dr. Bronner's castile soap, followed by the apricot kernel oil. Coconut oil works well too but I like the light scent the apricot has. They are both absorbed very nicely if you apply lightly. If I forget to wash my face at night (shame on me) I can use the same routine in the morning, but I don't wash more than once a day with soap. My friends with sensitive skin tell me it works for them too. I've never tried Simple, but I might just do that! Thank you for stopping by, Emma Kate. I love your blog by the way!