Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fresh and Minty Green Makeover - My First Attempt at Furniture Painting

Kitchen Table After
I am pretty late to the party when it comes to painting furniture, but it felt wonderful to return this sad 1940s kitchen table back to its former glory - or at least its former color. Now I am totally inspired to save every old dresser, desk, cabinet and table on the planet from the landfill. Instead of buying new (and horribly expensive) display cabinets and shelves for the shop, I’m going to use old furniture made to look wonderful - like my inspirational friends on Pinterest do!

Original Minty Green Paint
The surface of the existing paint was very rough and would have required complete stripping to get it completely smooth. Since the enamel was slightly chipped, I decided to distress the table instead - not too much, just enough that it was aged in line with the chipping. 

Thanks to the advice of Vickie at Ranger 911, I asked the helpful lady in the Lowe’s paint department about color matching. She was able to find a nearly exact match to the original minty green color (which had been covered in white and then a peachy beige color) in the Valspar Heritage color pallet. It was moderately priced and gave great coverage, so I didn’t need a custom mix, but after talking with her I’m certain she has answers to all my future paint questions. And luckily they are right down the road because I am a can’t-order-on-line-and-wait person. I need instant gratification for all of my paint desires. 

Gingham Lined Drawer
I’m pretty proud of my first attempt. I think this will make a perfect display table for vintage and handmade kitchen goodies at the shop in Brussels.